Has this Independent journalist been casing your joint?

Anyone remember, back in April, when the Rat and Mouse looked at a National Homebuyers’ report into lax security during viewings? Well, the Independent‘s Fiona Brandhorst looks at it again, and – perhaps inspired by the Independent‘s word-rate (we’ve all been there) – considers an alternative career in thievery:n
A laptop in the front bedroom could have been whipped into my Birkin-size bag in a second. An un-cashed building society cheque stuck to the noticeboard could probably have been useful with the right contacts. Downstairs, I could have taken her keys from the “his and hers” key holders, to return later to take the plasma TV screen and hi-fi system.
What a cliff-hanger! So does she return later and rip the joint off? Go here to find out.nHelp yourselves [April 28]