Nine days of your favourite London property – Day One

Thanks to everyone who sent in listings. From today – for a couple of weeks which just so happen to coincide with my holiday – the Rat and Mouse will be given over to showing London properties that are appealing or interesting in some way… and for sale. They’re your choices… feel free to comment, I’ll pick up and approve comments whenever I have access to the internet. See you in a fortnight.n9DaysJam.jpgWe’re kicking off with this open-plan loft, just off Tower Bridge Road. Why’s it “special”? Apart from the fact it’s very pretty… it’s classic open-plan living (check out the screened off bedroom area), it’s in the very nice Jam Factory development, complete with all its internet community magic, and it’s listed at £475,000. I know – that’s still a lot of money – but by London standards it’s an entry into this kind of designer home. Find out more at CityScope.n