Oi! BBC! Off my manor!

The Rat and Mouse continues to enjoy the BBC series The Tower – which, as far as we’re concerned – is a very moving and sympathetic view of the life on the Pepys Estate, and an effective indictment of the insanity of the London housing market… the very insanity the Rat and Mouse is here to document. Apparently, though, not everyone’s delighted with the series:n

What’s been going on in this programme is not really good enough. They have turned some of these drug addicts into film stars but they should have been looking at the pensioners round here instead. We’re not the best in the world around here but we’re not as bad as all that.n

… the words of the leader of the local pensioners’ group. He’s retired, himself. Apparently he used to be a gangster. But he wasn’t a drug addict.n

[via This Is Local London]n

Meet you new landlord, excuse the drooling and the nappies [July 17, 2007]

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