Online off-market: Invisible Homes in Fulham

Everybody knows, or at last believes, that the real action happens off-market… properties changing hands discreetly under the watchful eye of a well-connected buyers’ agent. In Fulham, there’s Invisible Homes, offering a way to sell your Fulham property without advertising, and so managing your privacy and, importantly, the risk of your home becoming perceived as “stale” if it sits on the market for a too long. Invisible Homes won’t offer access to properties advertised elsewhere. Buyers register, but can’t see properties unless they’re approached by a vendor who likes the cut of their jib. Clever. But not the first attempt… anybody remember MatchYourProperty, around ten years ago? However, the market’s changed, and focussing on a neighbourhood – at least at first – sounds like the way to stay relevant. An interesting piece on property privacy, here.