The Rat and Mouse interview – filmmaker Hamish Beeston

Hamish Beeston, a film-maker with an impressive documentary TV background, spotted (in fact, helped establish) the market for “movie particulars”. And with experience in the wildlife documentary arena, he was well equipped to cope with the movers & shakers of the property market. Now running Beaston Media, he produces creative, big budget property films, using the high-end equipment normally associated with broadcast television. He chats with the Rat and Mouse about the advantages, challenges, nuts & bolts of the property film.

You’ve a proper TV background, I believe. Could you describe your work prior to getting involved in property?n

Hamishcamera.JpgI was in TV for 13 years. As a producer/director, I made everything from primetime BBC1 shows such as Vets in Practice, Life of Grime and DIY SOS to big budget history and wildlife documentaries. Towards the end of my broadcast career, I started actually doing the filming as well directing, and found that I really enjoyed the hands-on craft element of filmmaking.n

What motivated you to make the move? Did you always have an interest in the mechanics of the property market?n

In 2005 I worked on a series for Discovery Channel called Superhomes, in which we travelled the world filming amazing multi-million pound properties. It struck me just how well video captured the light, space and spirit of a house, compared to a traditional printed brochure, particularly when filmed with high quality broadcast cameras and edited with a clear storyline.n

At this point, several paths drew me away from broadcast TV. Firstly, I had become increasingly uncomfortable with editorial pressure to manipulate contributors for the sake of ‘drama’. Phrases such as ‘casting for conflict’ were heard everyday in programme meetings. By nature I like to celebrate a subject, not stitch it up. Secondly, at 35, I had an itch to start a business of my own. And thirdly, I’m naturally nosy (some might say obsessive…) when it comes to checking out cool houses and architecture. Being 6’4”, it annoys my 5’5” wife hugely that I can peer over walls to discover things that she is oblivious to!n

So, in October 2005, the business was born, to produce primetime TV quality property marketing videos.n

TV industry vs property industry. Which has the most sharks?n

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