Urban Collective will find your next rental… at a price

You define what you need… the neighbourhood, the “lifestyle” requirements; your sherpa (drop any ideas of sinewy mountain goats called Dolkar, the Hampstead sherpa on the website is called Octavian and looks like he has a favourite moisturiser) gathers a list of carefully picked properties, liaising with agents and landlords and even helps you move in. You save time, but you spend £600 on a property up to three bedrooms, £900 on anything larger, nothing if you don’t like any of the properties your sherpa finds you. There’s a mobile app, too, obvs.

The founder, Mayank Mathur, is an ex-investment banker specialising in tech, and a tenant who’s lived in seven rental properties in different parts of the world. Clearly, he understands what cash-rich, time-poor means, and this is a service aimed at that circumstance. It’s less likely to appeal to the cash-poor, time-poor sector. Nor is it the first in the sector. Remember Gethomie? More here.