Ferrier Estate – “hellhole”

31May06Kidbrooke1.jpgHere’s a disturbing story about residents of Kidbrooke‘s condemned Ferrier Estate, many of whom are post-right-to-buy owners who have decided to stay put rather than accept derisory offers from Greenwich Council (£65,000 for a three-bedroom flat anyone?), while the council moves towards demolition and replacement in 2018. There are apparently 23 homeowners and three tenants left, living amongst derelict tower blocks, sheet metal, filth and darkness. It looks suspiciously like the council, who have promised to keep the estate inhabitable until it’s finally replaced, is applying its own unorthodox methods to encourage the remaining residents to leave.n(Thanks to Jon Nicholls for the fabulous photographs – go here for more of his work.)n31May06Kidbrooke2.jpg