New property search threat?

Rummage4Property is still pre-launch but – according to the FT – already has the backing of some of the country’s leading house builders as well the Countrywide group. Its selling points appear to be a light brand footprint (it promises to promote the agent not the portal), extended agent information (not just properties for sale, but properties sold and neighbourhoods where agents seek properties) and – the killer feature – a low price, undercutting Rightmove by almost 90%. The fee is currently £100, and will increase inline with the HPI (no word as to whether it will also fall inline with a  post-Brexit HPI). Agents will also become “members”, voting on future policy. A quick “rummage” through the company listing reveals its links to the more general Rummage4It search portal, and that’s significant, since it looks as if Rummage4Property places the emphasis on search rather than listing.