The Rat and Mouse interview – Ed Mead

Apparently, “letting is the new sales”, the Government missed a trick in 08 by failing to create “a more interesting bank” and the public need to get used to the idea of selling for less (and buying for less, too). Kicking off this year’s Rat and Mouse interview series, somebody we’ve quoted many a time in the past but never before had the chance to chat with, so… so we’ve been exited about this. Douglas & Gordon’s Ed Mead is one of the country’s most outspoken and interesting estate agents, an expert on the London market, he’s on the board of the Property Ombudsman and he’s the man I’d want overseeing the sale of my house.


I love this, from your blog’s “About me” page: “I’ve been an agent for over 30 years now and have gained a good reputation for saying things as they are. This can occasionally commercially disadvantage me, but really I don’t give a t*** as at least I can sleep at night.” The suggestion is that you’re a bit of a lone voice. Critics of the market have long accused journalists and agents of being co-conspirators in propping up the market. Any truth in that?

20110724ed_mead.jpgI know some journalists and some estate agents are arrogant but in the same way King Canute thought he could stop the tide anyone that seriously thinks they can affect the market is mad. Everyone is tired (and it’s partly why people think all estate agents are thick) of hearing agents talking the market up. What’s wrong with giving accurate up-to-date info?

What led you into estate agency?

I got chucked out of Bristol Uni and didn’t have a huge number of options. Luckily I have a brain so have done okay.

Is it a tough job if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to toe the line? Or are there circumstances in which standing out a little can be an advantage?

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