The Rat and Mouse interview – House Hop’s John Tighe

We continue our series of summer interviews with this chat with John Tighe, the man behind interesting, unorthodox online estate agency House Hop. Read on for John’s take on launching an agency business while transactions are low, outstanding customer service and a very nice estate agent joke.nJohn, I was wondering if you could say something about your background? Is it in property, sales, technology? And how/when did you start work on HouseHop?n
20110801John_Tighe.jpgActually, my background is in law. Before founding House Hop I worked in the City as a corporate lawyer. Then, in mid-2008, I lost my job. The outlook (and hence job prospects) in the City went from bad to worse during the course of 2008 with the UK officially going into recession and September seeing the collapse of Lehmans, the AIG bailout, and the Lloyds takeover of HBOS.nBy December I was pretty frustrated to say the least. I remember thinking to myself “I can’t do another six months like this” – especially since there was no obvious end to the country’s economic problems.nThat’s when I decided to launch House Hop. I’d always wanted to start a business and I figured I really had nothing to lose! Plus, it was a way of taking back some control over my life.
As one of Lord Sugar’s obnoxious pals might say… what’s the elevator pitch? What makes HouseHop unique when there are other online estate agencies around?nRead the rest of the interview by clicking here.nn (more…)