The Rat and Mouse interview – Savvas Verdis of Rankdesk

For the final interview in this summer series… welcome Savvas Verdis, founder of innovative Rankdesk, a new tech launch which rates homes for their investment potential. We were delighted that Savvas, with so much going on this week, found the time to chat.nSavvas, before we talk about Rankdesk, I was wondering if you could say something about your own and your partners’ backgrounds. It looks like you’ve enough letters after your names to write a novel.n
20110803Savvas_Verdis.jpgWell, quite a few of us started in the architecture trade and hence why we take the quality aspect of residential properties so seriously in our ratings. Priya, who is heading our research, has a background in real estate investment analysis and has tried to bring the in-depth nature of commercial property data into the residential sector. I came to Rankdesk following 10 years in a family-run property investment firm. I also teach urban planning and urban economic development at the London School of Economics on a part-time basis.n
So what is – if you’ll excuse the cliché – the elevator pitch?n
Rankdesk is pioneering the property ratings industry. Our aim is to develop a standard measure, which will help buyers make more informed decisions when purchasing a property in cities such as London, New York, Hong Kong & Sydney. If we succeed, our ratings system should be as easy to understand and trusted as the star-ratings used to classify hotels worldwide. It’s very early days but we are progressing well.n
How long have you been working on Rankdesk?n
It took us a year to develop our initial algorithm. We launched our Beta test site in December 2010 and have just launched our full product line-up, after great feedback from the industry and consumers.n
Is the current climate a worry or an opportunity? Presumably, you’re not disappointed that the rental market is likely to play an ever-increasing role in UK housing in the coming decade?nClick here to read on.nn (more…)