Twitter feed for “off-market” property launched


“Off-market” properties… usually the high-end homes that might be for sale if the right offer came in or the right buyer turned up, but owned by individuals not sufficiently motivated to sell to deal with the privacy concerns of a Rightmove listing and endless speculative viewings. The traditional way these properties changed hands was via clued-in buying agents. Our friend Henry Pryor has a different idea, and has launched a private Twitter feed, where personally screened potential buyers can access grey market information for a pound a day. Interesting. The pricing scheme seems slightly at odds with the nature of the sector, and it’s a little hard to tell the difference between this and the free online sales platforms, funded by buyers, that have come and gone (except, of course, for the clever take-over of Twitter technology), but who, in the property business, likes the idea of there being information out there they can’t see? More here and here. And on the subject of Twitter, don’t forget to the follow TheRatandMouse, here.n