Vendor wanted for Channel 4 documentary

We’ve been asked to put the word out on the street and – like Huggy – we’re happy to co-operate. Unlike Huggy, we don’t see any greenbacks… we’re doing it because we care.n

Chael 4 are looking for somebody selling a family-sized London home for their well-regarded Cutting Edge documentary strand. They want to hear from vendors and/or estate agents. The idea is that – in a single, one-hour documentary – they’ll follow the process from marketing to completion, and offer a “360 degree view” of the transaction. The person who contacted me seems aware that readers might be a little wary… that – on one or two occasions in the past – honest, hard-working folk have been made to look like chumps by documentary film-makers whose smiles hide fork-tongues. This – we’re assured – will be different… and the director certainly has an impressive track-record for sensitive, grown-up documentaries.n

So, there you have it. If you’re a vendor or an estate agent and want to talk (in confidence)… email Nonie Creagh-Brown or call 020 7907 0894.n

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