What’s up, what’s down on Thursday January 18

Down – the future of cryptocurrency for house-buying. Reacting to very recent examples of its extreme volatility, agents are warning against it and lenders are refusing to recognise it. Down – Countrywide shares, by 16% following a profit warning. CE Alison Platt blames cautious buyers and collapsing deals. Down – new instructions, by 10% according to RICS, along with new buyer enquiries and agreed sales. However… up, also according to RICS, is house prices sentiment, with 8% more agents reporting rises than falls. The figure comes after 0% last month, the lowest since December 2013. Up – home movers, reaching a ten year high in 2017 according to Lloyds. There were 370,300 moves last year, up 2% on the year, but almost half the figure ten years ago. Finally…. down – property values in Zones 2 & 3, by 6.4% and 7.7% last year, according to figures by Rightmove.